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Baby's Month Long Travel

Getting out the house for one day can be a hassle when you have a baby. Adding in a overnight trip can cause panic. What do you think a month away from home was?

For us, Pure Joy!

The best travel advice I can give is "Don't sweat the small stuff!" I was scared that he was going to scream the whole flight or not be his usual playful self the whole trip, but he was fine.

We traveled to 3 states, and experienced 3 different environments all within the month. Baby E was a trooper in the city, country and at the beach. His schedule was a little off because of the time changes, but he was his usual self in a couple days. Here is how we did it.

1. Pack into 1 Suitcase
We each had 2 packing cubes that we rolled about 10 interchangeable outfits into the cubes. The key to making this work is keeping the colors interchangeable. Don't pack that one shirt that can only match that one pair of bottoms. Pack PJs on top. This helped us to get baby dressed for bed quickly even though…