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Our 4 Year Count Down

This is it. We are now counting down the next four years!

In four years, our first and hopefully not only child will begin Kindergarten. The first year of formal education is such an important year. The choices we make will decide how our child will learn. That year will begin to mode our lives as we will officially live on around a "school calendar". We sort of do that now that Hubby works in a school, but schooled student's don't get vacation days like employees.

In four years, we will have to make a decision rather we will place our child in private school or homeschool them. This decision is so important and engulfs our moral decision making. This decision is also a financial decision. Today's actions will depict what will happen in four years.

Since private schools and homeschools aren't free, Hubby and I will need to pay OFF our last debt- student loans. As Baby E creeps towards one year of age, the ever growing pile of student loan debt is getting sca…

What we are Reading- August 2018

Summer can't be over yet! August, my birth month, is always a sad time for me. It was always a sign of the end of summer and the beginning of school. I'm way past school age, but now as a parent, I realize that August will be the beginning of school again.

August directs people to improving their habits and routine and I'm no different. I have re-evaluated my life over the past few weeks and changed the way I eat, how I work out, and even applied to new jobs during this month. Check me out on Instagram to see what I've been getting myself into lately.

In the mean time, I have cracked open two book this month.

This Christian book contain 60 short stories about the ups and downs of being a mother. Each story has a dose of humor and a eye widening realization. Each day I am reading 2 or 3 inserts from this book. The key is being able to read this book in the bath tub. Then I'll have it made!

Where do I begin with this book? I received this book free from someone that…