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May- What we are Reading

If you have been following me for years, you are aware what I have been up for the past 2 months. March and April are hard months for me to post on the blog. I am a tax accountant by trade and I am busy working with 1040 forms. You can always catch me on Instagram, FromMaruki

When the long hours end for the day, I usually read myself to sleep. However, I never really finish a book until after April 15th. Now that I have a child, I made sure to read his books to him first. Hubby picked up when I couldn't. We have jointly walked through a couple books, a few different times with Baby E. Our goal is just for him to get use to books, the tone of reading and sitting still for a few minutes.

This is what we read to him for the past two months:


Baby E's March Book

In March, we concentrated on snow. It may be spring in other parts of the US, but up north, March is still winter. We would often read this book to him before taking him outside to touch and sit in the snow.
April Baby …