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Why I Blog?

I like to blog because Sharing is caring!

I wanted to share all the things that I found throughout life as someone else might benefit from it. Blogging is the quickest way to share what I find.

I love to travel! I When I travel, I focus on the food and the culture. I seek out tradition meals that bring families to the table. I make friends where I do so that I can learn more. I love the natural atmosphere of each country. The best time on a trip, which is a must, is to enjoy a meal that allows for me to take in the natural beauty. JACKPOT!

Infertility put a wedge between me and what I love. I didn't want to share infertility. It isn't something that I wish upon anyone.
It's nothing to glamorize.  You can't show off pictures of this roadblock and explain why people ought to visit it. Infertility is merely a pit that you fell into that you either climb out of or stay nestled inside.

After two years, it hit me that Infertility was keeping me from what I love. It was the an…

Winter Snuggles

Don't you love winter on those days that you do not have to leave your home?

My husband has returned to work after paternity leave. That leaves me back home with our son for the next month. Now that Baby E is 3 months old, he is awake for 1.5 hours at a time. This is the perfect time to introduce him to a variety of topics and activities.

I plan on gently "teaching" him.

This was a great thought before baby arrived. I did all this work to modify tot school programs and then forgot all about it until last week. I found that I placed Baby E in the swing or on the floor while I read my book of the month. He began to grunt and only stopped when I looked up at him.

My baby wanted attention!

I put the book down, scooped him and read a baby book to him. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed the look on his face. That is when I remembered all the work I had put in the year before to create a Tot/Baby home learning program. I printed our schedule, gathered all the baby books for this age o…

2018 Resolutions - Husband's Take Over

This is Mr. Mind. I am dropped in on my wife's blog to provide my resolutions. I plan on dropping by more often.

I should have posted this earlier but it's never too late to set goals. My year's focus is just as my wife's. We are out to complete what we have started. Below are other things I want to accomplish this year.

1. To read more and watch TV less. 

2. Exercise at least once a week
3. Build in more #vegetarian/ #vegan eating
4. Have family prayer night
5. Gain 3 new I3 clients by the end of the 2018 
6. Find a hobby and do it with fidelity
7. Grow as a husband and a father
8. Lead my household diligently and take charge
9. Create annual family activities and traditions
10. Become a more decisive person
11. Take risks without permission
12. Keep My wife, son, and any other children come first! 

As I was writing out my goals, I wanted to also add that another theme for my year is Spiritual growth, Family growth, Career growth! 

What this means that I want to end…

Don't Over Buy for Baby

The moment your household is welcoming a baby, get ready to "ooh" and "ahh" over everything. Baby clothes, tiny shoes and 3 inch socks are so cute. I could spend all day in the baby clothing section.

The I will haphazardly wonder over to the nursery decor then bottles and diapers. The choices, the colors and the designs just capture my attention lie a kid in a candy store. I was hooked on the baby section as soon as Hubby said "let's have a baby"!

But baby items can quickly over take your life. These companies know how to catch our eyes dont they? But that is the problem! They are all out to get you to spend your money and all of it. Babies often do not need all the items that we buy for them. If you are like me, I was determined not to buy a ton of items for my baby boy. So I learned to closed my eyes through the stores and kept the following ideas in mind.

1. Pause! Don't Shop for clothes! It might be hard to not shop like crazy, but re-frame fr…

2018 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018!! 
This is a brand new year to make new decisions, live in a new fashion and try new things. Each year poses an opportunity for things to shift in a new way. Every year, Americans make resolutions to be a better person. I am no different.

This year is similar to the past couple of years. I have focused on a goal for each part of my life. Below you will see what I have resolved in the areas of the Finances, Self Improvement, Intellect, Career, and Family. These five areas give a well-rounded view of one's self. I believe that everyone can find something to complete in each area. 

You will find that each section has an actual date to help keep me on track. Give this method a try. At the end of the year, I do come back and analyze my year. Check out my results from 2017. I didn't do half bad, if I were to say so myself.

The Financial
Pay off 3 of my small Student Loans
Student loans are currently Hubby's and I only debt. This plagues us as we try our…