What We Read in 2017

Thank you for tuning into our "What We are Reading" posts each month. In the last three months of  the year things got a little wacky as we welcomed our first child. I did read a book in November, but perhaps it was nothing more than colorful picture baby books.

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Now that 2018 is around the corner, I want to give a recap to what we have read through out this last year. Some books that we read are books that we have gotten from the library and others we have purchased. We get our books from Thrift Books. This site sells used books for a fraction of the cost. I usually only buy my favorites and recently, children classics.

In 2017, Hubby and I managed to read a ton of books. These books were across the spectrum. I don't think either of us have a particular taste in books. I do however, do not like romance novels, the current teen craze of dragons and fairy tales, nor war related books. With that, lets jump into what we read in 2017.


This book began the year. It was such a fun book to read. This is the second French parenting book that I have read and it provides some great suggestions of how to parent differently than the standard American way. I am happy to say that my son is "Doing his Nights". Since my son was 9 weeks old, he has been sleeping 7 hours at night. We are slowly moving toward 10 hours of sleep.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

I read this book in two halves. I began it in February and finished it in July.  Regardless of your view of money, you can not agrue that Kiyosaki received a great education between two fathers. This book led to deep conversations between my husband and I.


This month was busy.I was unable to start a new book this month.


This book was recommended by a blogger. I couldn't finish the book. I don't think I was ready for the messages in this book. I was kind of bored by the second chapter. I will revisit this book. I believe that messages speak louder at the right time. This was not the right time.


We had a death in the family at the beginning of this month. The month ended with the communication of a birth mother. Who could read with that much excitement?


I have no excuse, I just didnt read a book. Let's blame my boring job...that would work!


This was actually a great book. It talks about the emotions and physical changes of children. It provides tips of how to treat children and train them as well as yourself. This is a old book...I mean really old. Some tips have been considered 'out dated' due to the times. But perhaps a look at traditional ways of  parenting.


I won't even typed an excuse....


Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain by [Suskind, Dana]
This was a recommendation. I have read a similar book in the past. This book explains the importance of reading and talking to your young child. It sheds light on the development, rather lack there of, of children who are not read to. Reading to your child from infancy increased there audible word bank.


I am so sad to report that this book was unavailable to read. I ordered the book and never received it. I will re-order, and start on this book in 2018.


I was so sleep deprived with a 3 week old, I did not have time to read anything other the markings on bottles!


Product Details
This book is currently on my nightstand. So far it's a great read. My goal of reading this book is to find a way to make a difference in the world around me in 2018. This book has caused me to think of some great ideas.

Do you have a favorite in 2017? I think in 2018, I will make it my goal to read 14 personal books as well as 12 family books. Now that I have a baby, I will soon be adding the story book that we are reading to my son each month. The goal is to read the story book to him each day before his afternoon feeding and each night on his way to sleep. We will see how it goes, he is a baby after all.

What was your favorite book of 2017?
Have a suggestion for me to dive into in 2018? Leave your suggestions below.


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