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A Little Thought Thursdays

Never Stop Working

Never Stop working hard for what you want. The moment you see the gift ahead, know that all of your efforts will pay off. Everyone's road is difficult and will have bumps. Do not pause just because of a bump in the road. Keep working hard!

In a Whirlwind of Love

We are now parents! Our son was born October 3rd. His newborn nature was one of calmness I would say. Well, he was calm as long as his arms were left to cuddle his face. He was swaddled differently than the other babies in the NICU because he just wouldn't have his arms tied down. After a little bout of jaundice, he came home on day 4.

About Him
He was a long baby at birth, 21.5 inches and at his one month appointment, he was classified in the 95th percentile. His long feet and hands are constantly moving no matter if he is in the crib, the swing, or on in your lap.

New Normal
We have been home for eight weeks and everything has been a whirlwind. Babies certainly change a household and our son is no different.  He is currently sleeping 4 straight hours at night. Then he wakes for a feeding and a changing then goes back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. That rotation began around week 4 for him. I used a very helpful app. I will provide a review later.

We are currentl…