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10 Reasons Why we Pushed Forward

Hubby and I were chosen to be parents in mid July. We have spent all summer long learning about our child's first family. I thought this would be a strange situation to be in, but it isn't. Our child's first family is full of interesting skills and experiences.

We jot down as much information that we can each time we met. We are creating an adoption family book to capture his story, his life. One of my best friends was adopted from Korea and she is helping me to add very important details to this book. Thanks, Em!

Less than 1 weeks from today, a baby boy is due. This little one will be loved by many people, with Hubby and I being two of them. We have taken 10 emotional and thoughtful steps to get to this stage and I wanted to share them.

These are 10 reasons that have led us to build a family; To push forward.

1. It is O.K. to be different.
African Americans are rumored (teased?) to be very fertile people. We stood alone in our infertility because family, friends and even m…

What we are Reading - October

First can I stop for a moment and recognize that it is October....Where the heck did the time go?

This is a very special month for us. We have spent six months waiting to be parents. This is the month that our son is due to be born. As I write this, he is due in 9 days. I can not sleep because I am so anxious.

Two months ago, the birth mother referred to him as "our son". It was the most heartfelt thing I have ever heard about myself. She wanted us to feel like we are becoming parents and she made sure of it.

So in the meantime, Hubby and I are keeping ourselves busy with books, decorations, and meal planning. I have moved the baby's clothes from the drawer to the closet and back to the drawer. I'm trying to keep busy over here folks. I've been watching a ton of videos on YouTube from meal prep to the best baby products. Each day passes so slowly...

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

  **Switched the book as of 10/3/2017
It is my hope that I learn how to take my time…