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What we are Reading - October

First can I stop for a moment and recognize that it is October....Where the heck did the time go?

This is a very special month for us. We have spent six months waiting to be parents. This is the month that our son is due to be born. As I write this, he is due in 9 days. I can not sleep because I am so anxious.

Two months ago, the birth mother referred to him as "our son". It was the most heartfelt thing I have ever heard about myself. She wanted us to feel like we are becoming parents and she made sure of it.

So in the meantime, Hubby and I are keeping ourselves busy with books, decorations, and meal planning. I have moved the baby's clothes from the drawer to the closet and back to the drawer. I'm trying to keep busy over here folks. I've been watching a ton of videos on YouTube from meal prep to the best baby products. Each day passes so slowly...

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

  **Switched the book as of 10/3/2017
It is my hope that I learn how to take my time…