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What we are Reading- September

Welcome to the first month of fall. Fall is loved around our household as it's football season. It's another excuse to cuddle up with family and yell. Well, yell at the TV of course. This year autumn is extra special because we are growing by two feet.


To prepare for the journey of parenting, I have dove into a new book, Thirty Million Words, Building a Child's Brain by Dana Suskind, MD. This was recommended to me by a good friend. My friend is a project manager and has worked with excellent companies over the years. By her being ten years older than me, she has seen the decline in the self sufficient and eagerness of the new working generation. She believes that it began when they were younger and gradually worsened through their education. My friend has taken it upon herself to see that her daughter isnt subjected to the same fate as her co-workers.  Without hesitation, she followed the steps of this book along with a classical education and began to work with he…