Getting Rid of the Clutter

Three months ago I could barely pull a sweater from my shelf without getting plummeted by a pile of clothes. I threw everything to the floor in frustration and headed to my dresser. I tried to pull out a shirt from a drawer, but four more came with it. I grunted in frustration.

Since when did I have so many clothes?

I went to college with three suitcases, lived over seas with two suitcases and took those same two suitcases to Chicago for my masters degree. I know I have been in the tundra for the past four and half years, but where did all these clothes come from?

It is time to Declutter!

There are tons and tons of videos that show you how to organize here and here, but organization is not my problem. Quantity is my problem. I want less stuff. So I skipped the idea of organizing and started purging.

I began in the kitchen. I got rid of extra dish towels. We can recycle fabric in my city and so all extra, torn and even missed matched towels were tossed. I have 8 place settings and that is all I need. I moved on to kitchen appliances and serving dishes. I gathered all into one location and that is as far as I have gotten. More on this part later.

Next I moved on to the clothes. I only need 4 pairs of jeans and lucily that is all I have. Then I moved on the long sleeve shirts and light weight sweaters. I donated duplicated colors, sweaters I have only used once in a while and things that no longer fit well. I dont need a ton of tank tops and tshirts. I dropped down the quantity to 6 a piece.

If you are like me, I have a work, play, date, and church wardrobe for both winter and summer. I am working hard to minimize this down. It will be hard to get rid of the clothes from a previous size. Next week maybe I can attack that.

Have you purged and cleaned your home recently? Do you have some tips?


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