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Another view of how to handle Adoption

*** This post is not to argue the ethical reasons for adoptions costs. It is merely tips to help someone if they are faced with fees and advice that can be costly.***
There are many ways to work through the hassle of adoption. Everyone has advice and yet every situation is different. The fees associated to adoption often make many people freeze in their footsteps. Sometimes taking a view from a different angle will help. Regardless if you are adopting from Foster Care, Private/Agency or Internationally, you will pay for something. (I am aware that some counties in America do not require people to pay fees for adoption from foster care. My county does have a fee schedule.) Check out a few tips below on how to handle adoption advice and surprising fees. Beware of Costly Advice The first piece of advice I can give is to not take other’s advice to heart for your own adoption. Yes, even this advice. We were advised not only by people we know, but by an agency of what they think we should do…

Thoughts on Open Adoption

Open adoption has become a sore spot in my family.

For those that are new to my corner of the blog world, welcome. I'm Lauren Maruki and I have been writing about all the bumps in my road from living and travelling internationally to infertility and now adoption of our first child.
Hubby and I both have adopted cousins. Hubby's cousins are now adults, and mine are all under the age 12. Open adoption was a topic of discussion a couple weeks ago at a family event. To our surprise, my mother discovered that my cousins do not have an open adoption with their birth family. I had wondered if that door was shut. Now I am wondering if it was accidentally shut or purposefully shut.

I want an open adoption. I want to continue to learn not only about the birth mother, but the birth father, the birth grandparents, the aunts, the uncles and all the crazy cousins. Those people make up my child. Those people have traits that my child will possess. The traits will be the key to personality, i…

The Waiting Room

Every hospital has one. The place where loved ones sit and often stand for hours on end. They wait for news, good and bad. They listen for any clue of what is happening behind closed doors. It's a silent area filled with pacers, toe tappers, and leg shakers. A room filled with coffee and unsatisfactory snacks. Neutral painted walls and uncomfortable chairs provide little to no distraction at all. A loud TV either comforts or angers the waiting ones.

The waiting room does have a time limit. Someone will walk in and deliver a message from beyond the walls. Relief is provide or fear is realized.

No one likes the waiting room.

But what happens when your home is your waiting room? Your home is where you silently wait for news. It becomes your toe-tapping, leg swaying, pacing place. During the adoption process, you are in the waiting room every day. You will spend months and all to often, years waiting for news. You will wait for good or bad news. Every phone call and email catches your…

Going Vegetarian?

I have been on another transformation lately. Check out my previous changes I made.

But I have been inspired by so many Vegan and Vegetarian Youtubers. I watched one video to get juicing ideas and I got sucked in. I did a little experiment with myself in August. I wanted to make sure that I understood what my body was missing. So I went a whole 7 days without meat. No turkey, pork, chicken, beef or seafood or any kind.

I thought by day three I was crazy. My great grandparents lived pasted 85 years old and they raised their own pigs. But they also raised a ton of veggies. Their lives were probably not as meat heavy as mine. Hence my weight.

By the sixth day, I liked the challenge and contemplated continuing it. I spent the next month eating only beef and chicken, but I eventually went back to pork.

Fast forward to February 2017. Its a new year and horrible things are happening to me. I began to itch after eating pork and dairy. It took like a month to figure it out. I then spent a who…

What we are Reading- June 2017

Welcome to Summer!

Our weather in the upper mid-west is so bad most of the year that we count summer the moment the clock strikes June 1st. We have been without snow for a while so this summer might be a hot one.

Lately I have been ashamed of myself. I have not finished a book for the past three months. I have gotten bored with the repetitive ideas that are flowing through the books that I have been reading. One thing that I know that I will be doing this June is to working my way through a devotional. It is apart of my 2017 Goals. My goal is work my way through the book of Proverbs with the Life Change Series. I need the wisdom of the this book as I have encountered some new life changes.

Hubby bought a half dozen books last month in attempts to fill his summer reading list. I applaud him as I hardly know what I want to read months ahead of time. Next on his list is to finish Good to Great in God's Eyes. He began this book a while ago and got side tracked by other books. H…