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Part Time Job Ideas

The best tip I can ever offer is to diversify and diversify. Diversification is often referred to investments, but I'm talking about diversifying your income.

Hubby and I thought that it was a crazy idea to take on a second job, but we couldn't figure out a way to save $23,000 for an adoption. We quickly learned that we needed more income so we applied for other jobs for higher pay. We did get promotions and new jobs, but we made the most headway with our empty hours. Our second jobs were not tired to our main careers. Since the new jobs are separate, we are able to enjoy something new, challenging and short term.

There are pros and cons for taking on a second job.

More Cash!Try out a new career field before investing too muchPractice a new or forgotten skills setReceive much needed discounts


More commuting throughout the weekFree time is consumed workingTaxes can be thrown off without careful calculations
Below are some ideas of how you can earn some extra cash. This wil…

Saying Goodbye

Having a baby is celebrated by families because a new generation has been added to the family tree. As adopting parents, we are working hard to broadening our family tree. We are keeping an open mind about what makes a family a family.

However, last week, we said goodbye to one generation. With heavy hearts, my husband lost his last grandmother.

Things will never be the same. The family's glue was this grandmother. She spoke love, wisdom and patience into her five daughters, 2 dozen grandchild and countless number of great-grands.

As of today, our family tree has lost a branch. We take our time as there is a plan at work. We wait patiently because I am sure, she is watching out for us. She is guiding our baby our way!

Welcome to the 7th Year

In March Hubby and I celebrated our 6th marriage anniversary. We also celebrated 6 years of infertility and childlessness. Yes, we celebrated! Why? Because those two things made our marriage a strong partnership.

Many couples fade from sharing about their infertility after 3 years. They gripe silently and cry at home, or so we think. The pain and sting of infertility doesn't end just because one round of IVF/IUI became successful. It stays with a person. It lingers in the back of your mind and peeks up every now and again. For certain, you would look back on all the lost years and wonder what life would have been today.

We often thought, "If only one procedure took...I would be in a totally different place."

Hubby and I realized that if we had gotten pregnant during our first year of marriage, we will be sending our first child to 1st grade this fall. We would be similar to all of our friends that we hang out with. We wouldn't be the only couple in our friends and fa…

Infertility Stress- Its Real Yall!

... And you guys thought I was making this stuff up!

Check out the article published by USA Today 2 weeks ago.

A While ago I wrote a post about the frustrations and stress levels of infertility. It was so shocking for others to learn that about the amount of stress that is associated to infertility. It is such a secret situation. I wanted to make sure that everyone hears me loud in clear.

"This Stuff ain't no Joke! It's Taxing on the Mind!!!"
Infertility stays with you. It runs through you, and it becomes you. Just don't let it define you! Your status throughout life doesnt have to be "Infertile", You make that call.

And for all the fertile people out there. Be careful with your WORDS. Even your best friend will not share the news right away. My best friend since I was 11 years old, didn't know we were infertile for over 6 months! Yes, sometime marital secrets stay within the marriage.

What we are Reading in May

Welcome to May! We are slowly seeing Spring here in Minnesota. Our trees are budding, and green foliage is finally coming up through the ground. We should see flowers by month's end.

The sun is peeking in and out from under the clouds. This gentle tease for what is to come, makes me desire a good book. I just want to cuddle with a good book and watch the sun fight with the last bit of April Showers.

For Myself- This month, I will continue to finish my latest book. The Purpose Driven Life was written for one to walk through it for 40 days. Personal change is known to happen after 40 days of change.
Purpose Driven Life
The next book that I want to read is currently undecided. I will keep you posted in a few weeks.
What are you reading in May?