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Budget Tip for February

The shortest month of the year deserves the biggest tip of the year.
Beware of Saturdays!! American stores and restaurants work really hard to get your money on Saturdays. You will see Sales, Clearances, Discounts and even crazy Deals. Often times, these items are not great deals and on items that you dont really love.

Businesses spend millions of dollars researching the type of deals, and prices that will make you spend your paycheck. The best items are often not on sale or barely 15% off. Often sales go on throughout the week but not advertised on TV, text messages or in newspapers.
Protect your wallets! If you have a hard time walking away from deals then I have a couple tips for you.

Find a better day to shop. You might think that you are getting the best deal on a Saturday, but the excitement of 20% off opened the door for you to buy one, two or even three times more. Know what a REAL sale is. Most people don't know that 20% off is not a deal. Stores often sell products 100%-…

Daydreamer- When Its Time to Chose In Reality

I am a daydreamer. A big huge daydreamer. I consume hours a day mentally running through scenarios and opportunities on a variety of topics. I think about what I want, like, and can do. I plan and design mentally.

I just don't think about things, I prepare for them. However, once in a while, I over plan. 

The one constant in the adoption process is uncertainty. You can be guaranteed that nothing will go as planned. Everything that is required, is subjected to changed. No matter if your social worker, the county, a lawyer or even the birth family told you something, nothing goes as planned.

So you are probably wondering what does daydreaming have anything to do with adoption. 

When you spend months and then years hoping for a child, all you have left is day dreaming. Hubby and I have ran through every scenario we could ever imagine and talked about what we would do. We bounced ideas around about day cares, mommy groups versus me staying home and only working seasonally. We talking ab…

Give me your Thoughts

Hello, This is Brandon, Mr. Mind and I am crashing my wife's blog today.

Want to help us make a difference in the lives of others that are suffering with infertility? Please complete our survey to the left. Every entry allows us to learn what other couples experience. If you aren't suffering from infertility, please forward this on to others.

What are the results used for? 

 As a therapist, I am beginning to see more and more clients that are suffering from depression and grief due to infertility. The pain has driven a wall between couples and prevented progress. The responses will allow for me to be inclusive as I put the final touches on my e-workbook. Details on the e-workbook are to come! So please let me know your thoughts on how Infertility has effected you and your relationship.

I want to thank you and remember Infertility Isn't Inferior

Time to Forgive

Can I be honest with you guys? Two years ago on December 3, around 11am, Hubby and I were turned down by our first donor. I am still hurt by this!

A loving family member wanted to help us make a dream come true. He resend his offer, stating that 'if we were meant to have children we would'. I was crushed. He gave his opinion and never looked back. He never called to check up on us. We avoided him and his family; we didnt care to speak to them. We wanted to get as far away as possible from the pain that they caused.

Last month, Hubby was able to express his feelings to that family member. He shouted, pounded his fist and shook his head. His frustration from years past was visibly leaving his body. I on the other hand sat there fuming. I just couldn't forgive that person as easily. They took away so much.

But everything has a time. It is my time to forgive them and forgive myself. I couldn't speak his name or see his face for two years without anger building. It has not …

On The Move- Carriers vs Strollers

Carrier Vs Stroller
The number of products for a baby is ridiculous! There are more items to soothe, calm and relax a baby than ever before. Technology has certainly played a huge part in the advancement of baby products. All these products can leave a family in total confusion and broke. So like most new parents-to-be, we asked around. 

"What is the difference between a stroller and a carrier in the early years?"
Crickets! All I heard were crickets because I couldn't get a straight answer. The only consist response was "It depends on how you want to carry the baby." Well considering that I left college more than 15 years ago, I rarely carry anything on my back. I never carried anything on my front side, so the way I "want to carry" cant be based on previous experience. Other than a grocery cart and a suitcase, I dont push large items around either. So, how do I judge what is best when both actions will be new to me on a daily basis?

So I've come up w…

What We Are Reading in February 2017

Welcome back! I can not believe that January flew by so fast. We are now entering February, the coldest month for our state. We often see our temperatures dive downward in the last weeks in January and stay below zero like there is a party down there for the next four weeks. However, we have been enjoying over 40 degrees for the past couple of weeks. It may not last, so the following books will at least keep us entertained. (Disclosure, below includes affiliate links.)

Maruki's Book-

This popular book finally reached my night stand. I have read plenty of inserts from this book, so I am excited to read more. Kiyosaki does not agree with Dave Ramsey's theory on credit cards, but they agree on so many other points. I am excited to dive in.
I also plan on finishing Quitter. It was my goal to begin that after January's main book, but I barely cracked it open last week, That might remain my second go-to book that I read during lunch at work.

Hubby's Book-

I gave Hubby this bo…