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Young Adults' New Biggest Problem: Obsessive Comparison Disorder

Relevant Magazine defines it as:
"Compulsion to constantly compare ourselves to others. Producing unwanted thoughts and feelings that drive us to compulsion, anxiety and all round discontent."

Their solution with Bible verses that might help:
1. Cut back on social media and TV (Proverbs 4:25)
2. Celebrate what you do (Romans 12:6-7)
3. Hone in and Own your signature sauce (Psalm 139:13-15)

Now you may not think that you don't compare yourself to others. I challenge you to contemplate further. Perhaps you don't want the materialistic things that your friends have, but perhaps the lifestyle of your friends. When I got engaged, a had a friend that didn't seem so excited. She told me 2 years later after marriage, that she felt that the engagement was an instant wall between us. She wanted a boyfriend and already felt that I was "ahead" of her when I had a boyfriend. But when I got engaged she fel…

Fruit Up

I am not satisfied with my health. I am not a sickly person. I don’t have skin, organ nor bone issues. However I am extremely overweight. I am roughly 50 pounds overweight and it shows. Pictures of myself have now made me cringe. I can no longer ignore the belly that makes me look pregnant or worse, like I have a permanent tire wrapped around me. Because the front, top, half of me is so heavy, I have been suffering sciatic pains and lower back aches for nearly 2 years. I have been a little chubby since I ended puberty years ago. I have lost 10 pounds and then gained 12. This popular yo-yo life has hopefully ended. Hubby has lost over 100 pounds being gluten free for the past 2.5 years. I have barely seen 10 pounds shed in that same time. I have been so frustrated with myself that my weight probably hung around just to listen to me cry. I have gained nearly 20 pounds in the past four years. Every negative pregnancy test was soothed with ice cream and cuddles. That combination resulted …

What We Read

Welcome to December!
This month I decided to share what Hubby and I read in November. We are reading through a book together at bed time as well as read our own book. I read faster than Hubby so I often finish a whole book or two each month.

Since we are in the midst of the adoption process, we are reading through two adoption related books at the same time. Our goal is to learn more about the transition time that the baby, birth parents and the adoptive parents experience. We want to fully understand the variety of emotions that we might face. We believe that we are equipping ourselves to be supportive to others and each other. Another goal we have for reading these books is to learn about the various types of birth mothers. There are various unjust stereotypes wrapped around why a woman would place her child with another family. We want to understand and be kind towards whichever reason it may be.

Hubby is finishing up this book. He has made tremendous strides to having his own the…