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Taking My Sweet Time

Don't poke fun at the procrastinator. They have to find the right place and time to complete the best scenario. I would often scuff at my hubby. He is among the slowest, most thoughtful people I've ever seen. He thinks through every decision and sometimes does not accomplish many tasks in what I would consider, a timely matter. 

However I live for the future. I am always thinking of the next task, the next opportunity and the next day to get it done. Before noon, I am already planning the next day. I planned today yesterday, so why waste the day trying to figure things out further? Right? I do stay in the moment some of the time. I appreciate what I am experiencing unless its a useless and repetitive task. I rather my brain get lost in the tasks of the weekend or the ideas of tomorrow. Blogging has been the playing field for us thinkers. Those that get lost in their mind and fantasies. We always have a story to tell, and an idea to research. To the procrastinators like my Hubby…