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Taking My Sweet Time

Don't poke fun at the procrastinator. They have to find the right place and time to complete the best scenario. I would often scuff at my hubby. He is among the slowest, most thoughtful people I've ever seen. He thinks through every decision and sometimes does not accomplish many tasks in what I would consider, a timely matter. 

However I live for the future. I am always thinking of the next task, the next opportunity and the next day to get it done. Before noon, I am already planning the next day. I planned today yesterday, so why waste the day trying to figure things out further? Right? I do stay in the moment some of the time. I appreciate what I am experiencing unless its a useless and repetitive task. I rather my brain get lost in the tasks of the weekend or the ideas of tomorrow. Blogging has been the playing field for us thinkers. Those that get lost in their mind and fantasies. We always have a story to tell, and an idea to research. To the procrastinators like my Hubby…

Working it to the Core

For four months Hubby and I have been working 2 jobs and more than 50 hours a week. Most of the time, we are only off on Sundays. Exhausted, tired, and cranky are our middle names. We are doing all this in the name of having a child. Every extra dime goes into the adoption account. The mercury is slowly moving the needle but we are still far from our goal. I'm losing motivation. Usually people work hard with a means to the end. The end is a child for our family. When don't know when we will get a child. We don't know if we can get assistance from grants or not. So many people suggest taking out a loan. It feels so rude to me. All I can think about it the thousands and thousands of dollars that I have already spent. We don't want to spend the first 10 years of our child's life paying the loan back. We want to invest in them, their education and their growth. Sometimes I want to shout, "Did you borrow money for that C-section?" 

I battle with the notion of g…

Adding New Genes

Dear Friends,
We have been working very quietly in the background trying to fill out paper, and save money to begin out family. We want to thank you for your patience, love and support. Our road is still long, but we wont give up or give in.
If you have a passion for adoption, love of children/babies or just love us, please do not hesitate to shower us with prayers and love. If you would like to donate, please visit our YouCaring page. Feel free to share this post with those that will love to help.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts,
Lauren and Brandon