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How to Have Fun with a Host Student

Ever thought of hosting an exchange student? It was the best month Hubby and I have had in a long time. We planned a ton of activities each weekend that allowed us to view our neighborhood, and city. It was great seeing the sparkle in the student’s eye when she saw something that her home country doesn’t have. For example, we took her to a drive-in movie theater. They have movie theaters in China, but she has never seen a drive-in other than in American movies. Her eyes sparkled to see rows of cars, bbq grills and large screens.

So if you have decided to open your doors to a student, please do so. It will a life altering experience. Try this ideas on for size to give the student a taste of your corner of your country.

1. Ask the student what she does on her day off. This will give you an idea of how she spends her time. You will find out if she is a home-body or a social butterfly. You will also get to see if you over-planned her free time or under-planned her free time.

2. Ask her what …

5 Things to Do Before Beginning the Adoption Process

If you have ever thought of adopting a baby or child, take a moment to run these thoughts through your mind. Grab some paper and jot down notes if you need to. I suggest that you revisit these questions more than once. This rocky, long, emotional road is full of ups and downs and your answers could change.

Disclaimer: Just my two cents on what one must ponder when considering adoption. I am not an expert of the adoption process, but questions similar to these, among many others, were asked of us by a therapist that specializes in reproductive therapy. Yup, that's a thing!

1. Review your relationship/marriage. If you are adopting because you want more children, make sure that you and your spouse are spending enough quality time together, working on you. Make sure you are enjoying the ups and downs of life together before adding another child to the mix. If you are adopting after discovering infertility, take the time to acknowledge what you use to enjoy before you began trying for ch…