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Sugar Rush

Enjoy Your Day Full of Sugar!

Losing Friends

I believe that I have been losing friends over the past few years. I can not believe how our infertility has effected others. Hubby and I were standing in the hallway chatting with some friends when another couple walked up. That couple mentioned something from a group picnic they all attended. One of my friends quickly threw in "It was a get together for the kids." That meant to me that we were not invite because we don't have kids.

Fast forward two years and Hubby and I have noticed that we have been excluded quite often. Parenthood has turned into a secret society that only the fertile or those who adopt are allowed to join. There are special events and even a secret language. I noticed that pride and gloating go hand and hand for parents and I can't do that unless I cross the bridge. Don't mention anything obvious or people will look like you are crazy. I worked in a day care for two years and taught English as a second language for two years to babies and to…