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Excitement Brewing

"Are you going to have a kid or what?" This was a comment said to me by the same little girl (mentioned months ago) from Church. She is eagerly waiting for us to adopt a child. She knew we mentioned it a little over a year ago and now she wants some action. I can't believe that we are being rushed by a 6 year old!

This week I made the trek to the doctors office for the third IUI. My husband had a meeting and couldn't change the time. As I sat in the waiting room alone, I texted Mr. Mind back and forth on what was happening in the office. Once I got into the room, I was able to relax as I laid on the table. The nursed explained everything and five minute later she was done.

The hope of a family began to take over. Love swelled in my heart and eyes. I couldn't believe that in 15 minutes I would be either on my way to be a mother or not. I cringed when the timer went off. I feared that I didn't get to stay long enough. I couldn't help but to think, does the &…