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A Mother's Day Wish

On April 27, I hurried my way into the infertility clinic with my husband high on my heels. We headed to the first office to verify insurance and then down the hall to the beautifully decorated doctor's office. Mr. Mind and I were one of four couples waiting to be seen. All the women in the room knew what we were in there for. We all want children and this was the humble place to get them.

The nurse called my name and we both popped up like turkey timers. Right to the room we went. I verified everything from name, age, cycle ending date, ovulation date, and donor information. With the nurse waiting outside the room, I hopped on the table and laid back. (Why do they leave the room when they are going to see everything anyway?) The nurse came in, did the procedure in 10 minutes and told me to lay still for 15 minutes. "That's it?! Way too fast lady!"

Mr. Mind stood at my head the whole time, (nurse's suggestion) and didn't say much. He was squeezing my hand as…

Spring Cleaning

Stop in the Name of Spring!

Don't let another week go by without adjusting your home to a lighter and brighter time of the year. There are a few steps to take that will make the next two weeks a smooth transition from winter to summer. (For those in the south that have been experiencing warmer weather through out March, you can ignore the previous statement.)

So get your mops ready ladies- It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Day One:

Clean the Freezer and Fridge

Step One- Clear off the counters and Kitchen table. This will allow you to pull everything out the freezer.

Step Two-Grab an empty trash bag. This should be ready just in case you pull out some UFF (unidentified funky foods) !

Step Three- Grab and Sort. Place all identified foods on the counters and table. If you don't know what it is, make a separate pile. If its too old to figure it out, you can always defrost it and decide rather to eat it.

Step Four- The Empty Vessel Gets Scrubbed! That means chip away all the ice build…