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A Better Attitude

If you read my post in January, you would have noticed how angry I was for not being able to start our family. Well, February and March has sung a new bright song that will be played out in April. Hubby and I were blessed with the ability to save some money to begin the first round of donation. We are holding our breaths that it would take on the first round. However, we are in a much better spot mentally. We had to see a reproductive/infertility psychologist. Ever heard of one of those? My husband is a social worker and was shocked that infertility is a field to go into. (I see another doorway in the future!)

This Doctor sat us down and went over every possible social and emotional issue that derives from infertility. She gave us an assortment of books to read and websites to visit. I was stunned to learn that not many of them are American sites. She stated that America is quite behind in certain types of infertility issues and that England and Australia are more progressive in their…