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Can't Progress

It's a large pill to swallow knowing that my husband and I need to find thousands of dollars in order to have a family. Most couples only need to prevent from buying a $8 pack of condoms to start their family. We missed that fun boat. It hurts knowing that no matter what we do, we won't qualify for any reproductive assistance. That means Clomid, IVF or anything similar. So we save $12,000 there.

Our donor said that we can try once. Yes, only once. Did you know that the average rate of getting pregnant each month is 16%-18%.? It's the cheapest option, but its a can of worms that might not be worth opening. An anonymous donor is still $1200 for the first month and $950 for every month there after. No insurance won't cover it!

On the other hand we can't celebrate too much, because starting at $16,000 we can begin an adoption. Well actually it's more than that because out shitty ass apartment won't qualify. The building is not insulated well and the cigarette sm…

Favorite Gluten Free Blogs

As I prepare to make my first homemade GF bread this month, I wanted to tell people which sites I visit the most for gluten free foods. I use these site when I need inspiration, and help. Check them out! Each of these sites specialize in something different. Let them know From, Maruki sent you when you drop by!

Quaker Popped Rice Crisps are now Gluten Free


Happy Belated New Year!

My husband and I spent 14 days in sunny North Carolina and chilly Washington DC for the holidays. I loved being around family and friends for two weeks and forgetting all about the worries and problems that 2014 dished out. I ate so much food during those two weeks that I think I gained 3 pounds. But I don't care because I ended 2014 nearly 33 pounds less than when I began the year.

I am one of those people that make new years resolutions. I make birthday resolutions too!(Don't judge me!) So I wanted to share my list for 2015 and no it doesn't include weight loss. Being gluten free and limited on nightshades is enough to make pounds fall off.
2015 Resolutions 1. Keep Growing my Own Business (
2. Read the Book of Proverbs
3. Start our Family (one way or another!)
4. Go Overseas (lofty wish!)
5. Read even more books
6. Stop biting nails again
7. Move again
8. Join a few different kind of groups for fun and friends
9. Learn how to make gluten free bread, rolls…