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Confession of a Lie

I lied and turned down an invitation to someone's home for Thanksgiving.

Why you ask? Because I'm jealous, envious, mad (anger has decreased to being mad) and just tired of being around people with children. When families get together, the men are gathered together watching tv or talking and the women are tending to the children, cooking and talking. Well, I'm so sick of being the only one without children and surrounded by them and talking about them. The conversation goes from how much they've grown to what they will and won't eat to what they are doing that's all so new.

When I got married, all my friends weren't, heck, they still aren't. I hang out with my friends without my husband and when we talk, if and only if it's about guys is when I mention him. I work hard at that. It's a respect thing. I don't know what kind of emotions they carry about not being married. The last thing I want to do is spread it in their faces.

But people with …