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Cooking Vs. Eating

Thanksgiving lends to fun jokes and expressions such as:
"Gobble Until you Wobble"
"Sweatpants Meal"
"Tis' the Season to Overeat"

Lots of weight loss companies and blogs will remind you of the dangers of eating too much this time of the year. That's not what I'm referencing. I'm talking about the work and stress in making a huge meal. But I say:
"Tis' the season to cook less, but eat more!"

My first year to host Thanksgiving was in 2007. I had just moved to Chicago 3 months prior and I invited my parents and boyfriend. Turkey scared the crap out of me. It was its size and cooking time that made me head toward duck and ham. With careful precision, and the skill of cooking a crispy chicken, I made a whole duck with an orange dipping sauce. Ever since then, I have done duck many times for Thanksgiving.

When it comes to this eating holiday, the problem is all the side dishes that adorn the table. How many do you need? How many is too…

Retail Madness

I got a part-time job at a national clothing retail for the holidays. I know...I know... I'm crazy! But I had no other choice. I needed to take advantage of the money that I will be able to make.

But clothing stores are nuts this time of the year. The store gets a shipment nearly everyday and the clothes are flying off the shelves just as fast as we are placing them on there. Outrageous sales are beginning and antsy shoppers are coming out. When my friend asked how it was going, my first response was "It's nuts!". But now I just say "I hate this!"

The biggest benefit for working retail this holiday season is the $1000 I should be able to save and the $600 I'll use to pay off a credit card. Oh, let me not forget the 15% discount I can stack on top the sales and clearance prices for everyone's gifts.

To make matters better, my sweet hubby noticed how stressed I've been with the retail job so he applied for one too. He said if I'm going to suff…

One step forward and one back

Two weeks ago Mr. Mind and I attended a doc appointment to learn all about working with a known donor.
"We walked away in tears." We can't do much until we have $4,000. Where are we going to get that kind of money?! That's the same cost to begin adoption too. Once we get the money, it will also take 6 months to just get started.

My parents were excited that using a known donor will help get a baby in the family by Christmas 2015. That's not going to happen....

So we can't chose based off the cheapest and quickest route because neither fit that role.