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Coffee! My Friend

In high school I couldn't stand the taste of coffee. My crazy college roommate was addicted and even ate chocolate covered coffee beans. I ate a few, but it just wasn't my thing. I would drink the seasonal flavored drinks at the 'Bucks and Dunkin, but only when I had money.

Fast forward six years, and we received a coffee maker as a wedding gift. It was hardly pulled out during the next year. But once I found the York Peppermint Patty creamer, I had to buy the larger size. Sadly, I have yet to put the coffee maker away. I am possibly addicted to coffee! I can't go a week without coffee! If we run out, I will run to the grocer to buy more. I have gone as far as to have a favorite roast- Medium if you were interested.

Mr. Mind noticed that its not the coffee, its the creamer that has a hold on me. I believe I am mostly in love with the flavored creamers.

Dear Coffee Mate,
Thank you for creating so many flavorful creamers this year. You have increased my desire to drink mo…