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Meal Planning at its Worst

If you tread through the internet, you will find a plethora of meal planning ideas and calendars. Families have planned out everything they want to eat from breakfast, to lunch to dinner. Some have gone as far as to predict when certain foods go on sale so that they can cut the costs of their meals.

The natural planning side of me has tried to jump on the bandwagon but I think my taste buds are stronger than me. The most I plan out is the week: Mon-Fri. I check the weather and the week's schedule and plan according to my freezer and the grocer's sales sections. I don't think it's a winning combination because I'm shopping every week and I often change how the meal turns out. This week our menu was:

Breakfast Apple Cinnamon Muffins Homemade Apple Sauce with bacon and eggs Apple Dutch Pancake
Lunch Chicken Wings and Quinoa Quesadilla Left Overs
Dinner GF Corn Chowder with ham Cauliflower Rice Pizza Steak and Onions with veggies Beef and Cheese Quesadilla 
Dessert Apple C…

Big Mouths

Hubby and I have big mouths in our family. We have told our parents and best friends about our infertility within the past couple of months. It took alot just to do that.

Currently our cousins, aunts, grandparents and probably our uncles all know. People are calling to hear if the gossip is true and then try to figure out what to say to us. Someone people just wanted to know if we are ok. But for the most part, everyone is just shocked.
"Are you Sure?" Yes, the couple that went the traditional route is infertile. The couple that dated for 5 years, engaged for 1.5 years and married for 3.5 years can't conceive. The couple that didn't want to live together before marriage. We have watched others from the sidelines for years. We held, fed and babysat everyone else's baby. We showered so many others. We are going stir crazy waiting for our turn.
"Just adopt!" A couple of cousins let the phrase roll off of their tongues quickly and as smooth as saying 'ble…

My Island

I want to get away from the fertile world. I want to escape all things baby. I don't want to see a stroller, or a onesie, or a diaper. I don't want to drive pass a playground or baby boutique. I don't want to make a funny face for a smile or smile when they smile back. Please don't ask me to hold them. (Even though I want to.)

Is there an Infertile Island  that people can move to? A place that's free of drool, cries and coos. A place that doesn't have little bows, tiny shoes and cute hats. Perhaps Infertile Island will have all things adult-related and readily available. Check your worries and infertility problems at the door. On my island

Toss aside crappy fruit punch and tired apple juice. You can drink all the energy drinks, coffee and liquor you want. 
The word 'baby' is abolished unless you are talking about your significant other. Call your wife Sexy and your husband Hottie. No one is judging. 
There will be no chicken nuggets, mushy peas or bland p…

Message from a Child

Back in April, I ran into a lady from church going into a meeting. I wanted to ask her if we can meet to discuss adoption. At the time, she was holding her adopted daughter and I didn't know if she had revealed this to her or not so I said "I heard that you can help me with a-d-o-p-t-i-o-n info." The lady responded and said "Oh, yes. You don't have to spell it out. 'A' knows all about adoption." 'A' turns and says "I'm adopted!" She went on to explain that her mom got her from the hospital a few hours away.

Well last week, 'A' walks up to me at the end of the church service and asks "Are you going to adopt?" I was floored and caught off guard. How did this 5 year old remember a short conversation more than 4 months ago? She has seen me a number of times since then and she never spoke a word about the conversation, until that day. I told her that I went to a meeting to learn all about it and we will adopt a bab…

My New Mantra

I am trying to tell myself this everyday. 
It's my mission to be a better person. Instead of trying to fulfill 31 different tasks throughout the next year, I'm just going to work on being a better person. That way I can be a better Wife and a great Mother.

What I didn't Accomplish

At first I wanted to title this post, "What I didn't Finish", but I don't want to convey that I actually started these tasks. I have failed to complete a few of my 30 While 30 tasks by the end of August. While I have completed so many tasks up until this point, I am slightly disappointed in myself. I played alot, forgot some and ignored a few. To be fair to myself, most of my short comings are no fault of my own. I planned it all out and gave it a good old fashion try and for some, I damn near killed myself to accomplish it. However, time has run out. I am now 31 years old!

Task #1 Travel Abroad Again
Mr. Mind and I were unable to book an international trip over the past 365 days. However we will be skipping across the water to the Caribbean in Feb. 2015!

Task #15 Pass a Level of the Japanese Proficiency Test
Two test dates came and went. I just simply did not register. I have not studied enough to justify taking the test. Hopefully I will gain enough knowledge and con…