Adoption Agency Orientation

We attended our first adoption agency orientation a couple weeks ago. To tell the truth, it scared the shit out of us. We never felt so inadequate before. The requirements for adoption made it seem like we needed to be light years ahead of ourselves. We learned about where the children come from, what birth parents expect from this process and the costs. Oh, we will never forget the discussion on costs. Did I mention that we have master degrees? We are in no position to add onto that debt for the sake of a child.

There are registration fees, application fees, and program fees. There are classes we have to take and there are fees associated to that. Then it's the dreaded home study and it's fee. Then there is a marketing fee. I have an issue with the concept of 'seeking out our own baby' or pay to be 'marketed'. As a marketer by trade, we do our best to give the tip of the ice burg when explaining products and services. We want the customer to be interested enough to spend the money before asking questions. Because I know this, I am reluctant to do that to our birth parents. I want to be honest and concise. This is all too overwhelming!

Perhaps we can be childless. Yeah! There are couples out that there that travel the globe, eat at the finest restaurants and buy all white furniture because they don't have children. We can do that! {But I hear that small voice inside saying, "Then again it's so much more fun to experience this all with our own children."}

The only question that was not answered was the different between private adoption and non-private adoption. I understand children in waiting (foster/orphans), but the agency made it seem as though there aren't babies in waiting, just children. So the only way to welcome babies into our family is via private infant adoption? Someone catch me because I'm about to faint!!

What have we gotten ourselves into?!


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