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Adoption Agency Orientation

We attended our first adoption agency orientation a couple weeks ago. To tell the truth, it scared the shit out of us. We never felt so inadequate before. The requirements for adoption made it seem like we needed to be light years ahead of ourselves. We learned about where the children come from, what birth parents expect from this process and the costs. Oh, we will never forget the discussion on costs. Did I mention that we have master degrees? We are in no position to add onto that debt for the sake of a child.

There are registration fees, application fees, and program fees. There are classes we have to take and there are fees associated to that. Then it's the dreaded home study and it's fee. Then there is a marketing fee. I have an issue with the concept of 'seeking out our own baby' or pay to be 'marketed'. As a marketer by trade, we do our best to give the tip of the ice burg when explaining products and services. We want the customer to be interested enou…

Get Fit for Life

#19 Get in the BEST Shape of my Life I actually need to pat myself on the back. I lost 12 pounds over the past 6 months. You might not think that's alot, but I have gained nearly 15 pounds a year over the last 3 years. If I follow gluten free more often like my husband, I might have lost more. All I can say is Bagels and Rolls! Nonetheless, I'm proud that I've actually welcomed 31 years old weighing less than I did at 30.

My eating habits have changed tremendously over the past year. I rarely eat potatoes because hubby can't eat them, and I have cut down on white rice and added brown rice. I continue to eat peppers despite hubby's allergy, and I managed to only buy single servings of ice cream at the shops rather than half gallons for the home. I'm proud of myself for drinking lots of water and tea through out the day. (I just need to work on doing it daily.) I am also proud of not snacking all day. That's hard to do when you work a stressful desk job.


Support Groups

Have you ever been to a support group? You can find a support group for any problem or situation under the sun. For us TTC people, we can reach out to any corner of the web and find an online support group. But what do you look for in a support group? Are they really meant to make you feel better? Do they allow or even provide a chance for one to speak up and perhaps cry out?

Right now, Mr. Mind and I need to find some sort of support group or counseling. Attitudes, emotions and fear is finally showing it's ugly head around our home. We never got to focus on the issue because we had a family death, family wedding, a move to a new place as well a business trip nearly every 2-3 weeks since May. But now it's silent. When there aren't any distractions, your real problems shine.

Infertility is our problem!

Oh, did I mention that my mother told my whole side of the family? Oh yes, every aunt, cousin and even my brother and sister-in-law. Everyone is trying to figure out what is …

A Nail Biter

#20- Stop biting and picking at my nails

Fighting: Dishes vs Infertility

I never thought Mr. Mind and I will be that kind of couple that will chew each other's head off, but after one wrong action it began. I am the cook in the home. I typically grocery shop alone, plan all meals and keep everything gluten free and as organic and natural as possible. Mr. Mind is the cleaner in the home. He typically takes care of the dirty dishes, the bathroom, laundry and sometimes the floors.

However, my responsibilities are a daily requirement. His are weekly. I can't skip a day and not cook at all because we need (and want) to eat and restaurants are a financial burden that we can't handle right now. But, he can put off washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom until Sunday. Or neglect washing dishes every other day. His claim, "I'm tired. I'll get to it tomorrow or later."

He said that too many times in one week and I lost it. I began to boil on the inside. I am working myself to the bone, while he chooses when he gets to work. I yelled &…