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Potato-less Year

One year ago Mr. Mind stopped eating potatoes. He learned more about how foods was making his skin condition worse and he began to remove them from his diet. First to go was the potato. That meant no more wonderful mashed potatoes, french fries and chips.

I was sad, because I love french fries and hash-browns. But Mr. Mind told me that I shouldn't give up potatos like I had given up wheat.

He accidentally consumed some potatoes twice that resulted in a breakout, but he has stuck to his guns. He didn't budge when we ate burgers and I indulged in fries. He didn't eat potatoes just because it was apart of the restaurant's pre-made plate. He made modifications and substitutions, often at our own expense.

"Hey restaurants, stop charging people to making changes to foods they can't eat. Sweet potatoes shouldn't be an extra $2. They costs the same in the grocery store!"

Mr. Mind has taken a liking to sweet potato fries and stuffed sweet potatoes. We have used…

Choices for a Change

Mr. Mind and I have been presented with a few choices to start a family. We did our best to prepare ourselves to hear these steps, but we are stuck on what to do.

1. Adoption
   a. Domestic
   b. International

2. Donor
  a. Relative
  b. Unknown

3. Focus on Ourselves (we added this)

I spent over three hours talking with my cousin who adopted a beautiful baby girl 3 years ago. She explained in detailed the long process, the emotions and how much energy it took. Money was and will always be a factor in everything that we do, but she stated that it is only to our advantage to compare every agency and their terms. That's where the money comes to play. Soon I will speak to an aunt that adopted a beautiful baby girl 9 years ago. Her perspective will be different because my aunt is in a different state from my cousin and the agencies were different. International adoption fits me and my life-long desire and passion to learn different cultures, languages and travel, but it's unfeasible at th…

Ocean Side Fun

#2- See the Pacific Ocean I was going through my 30 While 30 list, and I noticed that I nearly forgot about our travels to Costa Rica. That trip was our wonderful honeymoon. We spent 10 days basting in the sun and running in and out of the Pacific Ocean. The sun drenched sand was only a few short steps from our one bedroom suite. We went in May, the beginning of the off-season, and was among just a handful of people on the resort. Every time we went into town, we were with locals instead of other tourists. I loved that!
We took a relaxing boat ride out in the bay and went snorkeling. I loved the snorkeling part of the trip as well as the seafood lunch, but I was quickly paralyzed by seasickness. The smallest rock in a boat and I'm hunched over trying to keep my head from spinning off. My new husband thought it was fun to snap a picture of me while I was waiting for the seasick pill to kick in. It's ok, but I got a picture of him scared to death to get in the water to snorkel.

Music to My Ears

#23- Go to a Concert and Scream like I'm 13 Mr. Mind is such a wonderful husband. He is always keeping the smallest details in the back of his mind. His company was giving away tickets to trumpest Mr. Chris Botti at the newly remodel Opera House. He took full advantage of it and we headed out for a night on the town.

Mr. Botti began the night with one song before encouraing all the school aged children that play instruments to come and sit down in the front roll. He asked each one to name their instruments that they play and encouraged them to keep playing. I began planning the saxophone in 6th grade so I know how important it is to congratulate and encourage young people to continue on that path. Instrument planning never leaves you.

I was delighted not only with the sounds of Mr. Botti, but by all the accompanying musicians. The drummer and base players were so talented and witty. They gave breath taking solos that were mesmerizing. The violinist played so beautifully, nearly sed…

Summer Bliss

It felt really great to get spring weather on time this year. Last year in May, we got a foot of snow, on May 15th, yes you read that right. It was a long winter. Now don't get me wrong, this past winter was brutal. We had over 40 consecutive days of negative weather. My truck got stuck twice, it slid across the road, and hubby's car got stuck a couple of times in the mile high snow mounds. However, it is important to always keep in mind that the snow doesn't last for ever...I believe.

It is now summer here in Minnesota and we are enjoying warm and sometimes hot days. For my southern family members, hot is referencing to 85 degrees and higher. Nonetheless, summer has proven that it's here to stay, at least for the next 2.5 months.

June began with a burst of fun and Mr. Mind and I headed off to Baltimore for my cousin's wedding. This nautical themed event took place across the harbor and was so beautiful. My aunt and party planning cousin made sure my younger cousin…