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How Crunchy Can She Get? #6

Working on the OutsideDo you remember when I said that nut and seed oils can do double duty on the outside of the body, well let's take a look at this together. Coconut oil and almond oil have been popping up across the country as the best oils for the hair and skin. They have been added to lotions, shampoos, hair lotions, and even dog food. But why buy the premixed products where you can't control the amount of oil and eliminate the other junk (yeah I said it) that is added. Buy pure coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc.

Not all oils are the same. Make sure that you are buying unrefined oils.

For the past few months we have used coconut and cocoa butter as lotion. You can melt them together and make your own mix or use them separate. The weather is warmer so the oils will melt if the container gets warm. I don't mind because its fun to place in the freezer, hop in the shower and have something icy to put on to cool me off. Check this site out for 15 Ways to Use Coconut…