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Money Mondays-Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking is prepping food in containers or plastics bags with all the ingredients for a meal. I gave this a try last winter for a week. My husband did an excellent job checking the list, pulling out a meal and cooking it. What makes this easy? Well everything is in the bag. I place the meat, veggies, sauce and seasonings. If there was a side dish, I also wrote on the bag what to add and when to add it.

For example, I prep beef and broccoli stir fry. In the bag I write the name of the dish and underneath I write "Cook all in wok. Add bean sprouts at the end of cooking and Serve over rice." Inside the bag I placed the beef, chopped broccoli, onions and the sauce. I laid the bag flat in the freezer until it is frozen. I write the meal name on the side of the freezer on a list.

If you are nervous about storing raw meat with veggies you can always place your meat and sauce a in quart sized bag and place it in the larger bag.

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Christmas Gift Reminder

Every year I try to remember what I got each of my family members and friends for Christmas the year before. No one wants to spend hours standing in a store trying to guess between shirts and sweaters or Elmo and Doc Mcstuffins. The worse part of not remembering what you gave the previous year is repeating the same gift or even regifting back to the original gift-er.

I have combined all my left over boxes, random sized wrapping paper and ornaments into one large tote. On the inside lid, I tapped the Gift List. On the list, I wrote all the names of family and friends that received gifts and the gifts that I gave them. I often have to mail gifts to people around the country. Make sure to make a mark if that gift needs to be mailed. It will help with shopping.

If you were apart of a gift exchange, don't forget to write the group down and the gift you gave. You might be able to use the same gift for a different gift exchange next year. I have family members with birthdays near Christ…

Happy New Year

What I resolve this year:
1. Finish my 30 While 30 List- #14 Items Left 2. Obtain Employment, Full-Time or Part-Time 3. Secure SpoonFull of Jelly as a business in DC area 4. Run a 5K & 10K (unless pregnant) 5. See Family at the beach house 6. Read lots of Books 7. Become a Positive Person

What is on your checklist?