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Eyes on the Prize

#29 Wear Contacts at Least 50% of the Time Anyone that knows me knows that I wear glasses all the time. I got my first pair of glasses around the age 5. I started off wearing them to read, then during the day and now I can't see without them. To prevent hurting myself in the blurry world around me, I wore glasses everyday. I had to suffer with every nickname and tease about glasses. Bring them on because I've heard them all.

Around 1998, in high school, I received my first pair of contacts. They were thick and I felt them every-single-time-I-blinked! I just worn them to hang out with friends but my BFF kindly told me that I'm walking about with my eyes wide open like a deer in headlights. Those contacts were tossed. Fast forward to 2002, I got another few pairs with only the right eye (worse eye) being slightly thick. But they were expensive. Glasses took center stage again and I began to buy two or three funky pairs at a time. It was fun changing them out with my outfits.

My All, My Business

#13 Be dedicated to SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC I have a confession,  I own a small business. You might have noticed with the Party Favors tag above. I have dropped hints here and there, but I'm coming out and shouting it to the roof tops. I have faith that one day my small business will be known among the largest and most popular party planners and the hippest brides. I want my business to sustain me financially, and provide a fun environment for my fore-mothers to participate.

I have placed my small business on the back burner for so long. I do a little here and there and fill orders as they come in. I now realize that a corporate job was what was blocking me from progressing with me special skill. Now that I have passed on returning to my previous position, I can now focus on me.

SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC I attended the Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas two weeks ago. I learned about all the new trends, and fashions for 2014. I also learned about how to make my business stronger for…

Best Foot Forward

#9 Attend a Charity Ball/Event

It was my pleasure to walk beside Mr. Mind this past week in the Nami Walk. The Nami Organization raises awareness about mental illness and to eliminate the stigma. We raised money nearly all summer and was happy to be apart of the city's walk.

It rained all day, but it was great to see some of Mr. Mind's clients with mental illness walking the whole way. Through the autumn chill, I got to meet new people either will mental illness or works will clients with mental illness. Their perspective softened my heart and opened my eyes to what my husband has been involved in for the past 5 years or so.

My involvement of has just begun, however. I have worked with different charities and organizations for years, but I am proud to say that this cause means more.

Completed 9/28/2013

Another 30 While 30 done

8. Pray Daily and Finish New Testament

This was a hard task for me, but it's finished! I began this 9 months ago and was on track to complete this four months ago, but I gave up. I picked it back up this summer to take another month break. There were lots of distractions, and I let them distract me. I wasn't sure if I was going to complete this task, but Mr. Mind wouldn't let me quit.  I'm glad to say #8 is done.
Completed 9/24/13