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Money Mondays- Taxes

Taxes! Dreadful Taxes! Run!!!!

No matter your stance on taxes and tax rates, the more you learn about them the more you can prepare yourself. Your purchases, salary and savings throughout the year make an impact on your tax return. If you don't want a refund, please ask your tax professional about your w-4. They will help you fill out the form with your family size, and incomes in consideration.This should be done January each year that a life change happens.

Whats a life changing event?

Birth of a Baby
Death of a family member
Purchase of a home, car or other large item
Moving Home
Lost of Job/Change of Career
Children or Self going to College

If you foresee any of these events in your future, get answers now. Do not wait until December 2013.

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From Maruki

Money Mondays, Vacation Prep

The weather outside is (still) frightful and the fire inside is delightful. I long for a warm and sandy place to be. Mr. Mind and I usually plan our summer vacations this time of the year. We completed our new budgets for 2013 and have placed down the ground work to live as comfortable as possible. We have the possibility of taking one trip this spring and one trip a month this summer. We were trying to decide rather to plan one large trip that costs no more than $500 and 3 smaller trips that costs no more than $100 each. Then again a trip overseas or to the beach is calling.

 Have you considered what you will be doing for the summer? If so, have you considered the financial burden summer programs for children and family vacations would have on your wallet? The average sleep-away summer camp program for children cost $200 a week. Can you stomach the average $1600 cost for a summer vacation for a family of four? No matter your plan, please keep in mind the thousands of free activities …

Betty Crocker Gluten Free

When you kick gluten to the curb, you often kick yummy cakes, pies, cookies and all that makes weight loss a challenge. What am I to do? At first I thought we could do without sweets because we are suppose to be watching our fat in take. Yeah right, that thought lasted 2 weeks and then we started wanting junk food at work. So I set out on a mission.

What gluten free mixes should we try first. I first wanted to find quick recipes to makes these yummy foods and I was so glad that Betty Crocker has broken the gluten free scene! Wake up Duncan Hines and Pillsbury!!! We first tried the yellow cake mix. I made yummy eggnog cupcakes.

The cupcakes were not as moist as a typical cake, but they were not hard, dry nor dense. Great job Betty Crocker. There website will lead you to other tasty treats including a sugar cookie made from the same cake mix. I will give that a try one day.

Eggnog Cupcakes 1 Betty Crocker yellow cake mix 3 room temperature eggs 1 stick of room temp butter 1/3 cup water 1…