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Paleo What?

For the past three years Mr. Mind has suffered from problems with his skin. Itchy, painful, bumpy and just down right not normal. We have been working with doctors and even infectious disease specialist for nearly two years. Every medicine, vitamin and surgical suggestion hasn't worked. At first the thought of going under the knife was ignore but the more Mr. Mind was in pain, the more he has given into the thought.

One day, I decided to look up pictures of the surgery and what the results would be. I have no idea why I did that because bodily fluids can make me gag. Low and behold, we found the answer to his problem. Surgery outcomes looked horrible and can cause other problems, typical. One picture led me a blog that explained a women's experience with the same skin condition. For the first time I learn that it wasn't a skin condition, it is actually an autoimmune disorder and the answer to the problem is The Paleo Diet.

Six months ago, I thought limiting gluten from Mr.…

Money Mondays, Gathering Time 2

How did last week's task go? Did it shock you? Were you satisfied? We will continue on the task on gathering and take a look at the cable bill, phone bill, cell phone bill and other entertainment bills. Don't forget money spent on books, CDs, DVDs, Apps, and movie tickets. When I was completing the budget for September, I asked Mr. Mind was there anything I have forgotten and he said yeah "Red Box and Xbox". He spends an extra $8 a month on entertainment that I never knew about. So please check with your spouse and children for bills you didn't realize that you were paying! Sneaky people...

Entertainment bills are important as they are the most expensive bills outside of mortgage/rent. Knowing this number is important because this is the most suggested area to begin with when cutting costs. When you total up monthly entertainment expenses, do you need to cut back? If so, evaluate each bill separately. Compromise on every piece. Mr. Mind gets his cable package fro…

Money Mondays, Gathering Time

December is here and that means it is the gathering time! This is the time of the year to gather all that is important to you and bring them together. Families are gathering at homes, around the table and into your wallet. LOL Most people part with old clothes, and furniture time of the year. It is also the end of the fiscal year! But have no fear, because you will be gathering all of your receipts, bank statements and bills. You are smart and savvy and will be figuring out how to make the next year livable!

Did you keep all of these items through out the year? I hope so! If not, that is a task for the new year. Grab a highlighter, and a quite room and go through your bank statements. Highlight restaurants, coffee shops, and clothing/gaming/toy stores. These often are un-budgeted items that effect your monthly cash flow. When you total up for the month, then the year, evaluate that number. Is it too high? Was a certain month worse than another? What happened? What is your proposed sol…

The Empty Womb for Christmas

I spent countless hours exploring all things baby for nearly a year. I flipped through websites, explored store shelves and my favorite, read tons of blogs. I watched videos of the best strollers, cloth diapers, and carrying slings. Mr. Mind and I weren't trying for a baby at the time, but I just wanted to be informed, be ready and it mostly feed my desire to start a family. Once my mental struggle of having a family resulted in a "let's give it a try", I thought it wouldn't be difficult.

How little did I know! Almost four months have gone by and to my surprise my womb is empty. How could this be? I thought pregnancy issues were for older women, sick women, or women of poor health. Was I naive enough to believe that coitus was enough? Sure I did, that was why we spent a while preventing it. But here I am wondering what to do next.

I read countless stories of women who were miscarrying often and praying for a sticky baby every month. Was I too to fall into that c…