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Money Mondays, Shopped Out

Did you make?! Are you shopped out? Did you hibernate and ignored the craze at the malls?

I wanted to send a report your way that I found quite interesting.
The American Research Group, Inc. found that Americans would spend around $850 this holiday season on gifts. Does that apply to your family? Does that apply to your wallet? The article goes on to explain catalog shoppers, internet shoppers, and rather people would purchase full price vs. sales price. Those that are like me and wait for sales prices, the article states that we will spend around $590. This article doesn't give an average number of gifts or the number of people that will receive the gifts. I believe that makes a difference. Spending $590 on 10 gifts not only differs from the same amount spent on 20 gifts, but can be a make it or break it with some shoppers.

My piece of advice: Don't welcome 2013 in Christmas debt!

Well, I am totally shopped out. I will finish t…

To be Thankful

I thought of a million things that I am thankful for this year and I wanted to write a post about it. But then I thought, who would want to read that?! After all, my husband and I have our health which is wonderful after his 5 day hospital visit. We also are safe and happy after moving to a new state and receiving jobs in our career.

It is perhaps the act of being thankful is the lesson for this time of the year. Being thankful is to not concentrate on what we do not have, but to find great meaning and enjoyment in what we have. I learned this year more than any year of my adult life, so far, that my path might be the same as others, but my outcome is far different. Since I have understood that meaning, I have been able to enjoy what I am going through. I can see the flowers through the trees. Yes, I still have moments of jealousy, envy, anger and other human emotions, but I can recognize them and fight them.

Being thankful is also to appreciating the blessings that someone else has …

Money Mondays, Black Friday part 2

Have you scoped out all the deals for this coming weekend? Do you have your plan ready? If you read my previous post, you would have learned that Americans often over spend on Black Friday weekend. That includes Small Business Saturday shoppers as well as Internet Monday Shoppers.

For today I want to initiate the "Divide and Conquer" tactic. What is that you say? Well, first off, divide the group/family/friends and try to shop alone. When you have nagging children or spouses on our hips, we often walk away from good deals to rush out the store. On the flip side, friends often make us buy more. Haven't you heard "Yes, you can treat yourself again by buying that!" or "One for them, two for me..." Are you really sticking to a budget if you constantly add more items in the cart?

Next divide the shopping amongst the days. Many stores are providing deals throughout the weekend with the hopes that the crowds will even out. I love to go to Old Navy for chil…

Money Mondays- Lunch Savings

You got up early, brushed your teeth, got dressed and stuffed something into your mouth. You tried your best not to run every light in town as you made your way to work, yoga class, or even to drop off the children to school. Did you forget your lunch?

This same time last year, ABC news publish an article about the expenses Americans rack up with purchasing lunch. Have you considered what you spend a week if you purchased your lunch from a restaurant or the company's cafe? According to the article, Men spent an average of $46.50 a week and women spent an average of $26.50. When you total that up you are looking at $2000 a year! Was that in your yearly budget? Chances are, you didn't plan to spend $2000 a year for individual meals.

How can you combat that? Create lunch at home. Like every family, we starting making sandwiches with a side of fruit, chips and granola bars for lunch. That was boring and resulting in one or both of us buying lunch through out the week. Then my fam…

Money Mondays, Allowance

The word Allowance can mustard up an argument from anyone. Allowances can be earned or voluntarily given. It can be a set dollar amount or even a percentage of work completed. Who receives allowances?

ChildrenStay-at-home parentsWorking parentsTeenagersBudgeting families I want to focus on the benefits on allowances on this argument versus how to earn an allowance. Now that the Holidays are approaching many gifts have to be purchased for best friends, teachers to new crushes. If your children and teenagers receive an allowance why not impart the importance of them savings for that holiday gift? Some parents really do not want to have to purchase $40 in gifts for their children's best friends or even their spouse's boss.
I was an allowance earner as a child. I had to keep my room clean, but the true money maker was sweeping the floors, raking leaves and washing dishes. I never really earned much, but I was so proud to spend my money on a holiday gift for my best friends and my…