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Ohh Bento!

I spent several years in various parts of Japan since I was a freshman in high school. I have been taught how to cook typical home meals by home-stay mothers, friends and the occasional cooking class at the local community center. Now that I am married, I implement Japanese meals into our weekly meal rotation. Yet, I have been shocked over America's newest craze for Bento boxes. (America loves something new and someone somewhere will profit from it!) Well, Bento boxes are typical (old fashion if you will) plating style for Japan and other Asian countries. Lunch specials (other meals also) in restaurants are often served on a flat tray with many compartments where different, yet cohesive food items are placed. Rice was either on the tray or in another bowl served with the tray.
I was shocked at how a simple normal concept has taken flight. Lunch for children are placed in a carrying case/Bento box with many layers. The layers or trays can be separated to reveal an assortment of lun…

Minty, Sweet and Cool

Ice Breakers DUO Fruit + Cool Raspberry mints

Yummy! If you like hard candy that you can suck on through out the day then you will like DUO. The mild mint flavor along with the mild sweet raspberry is exactly what I need when I get the munchies around 3pm. The raspberry side has small grooves that prevents choking or slipping down your throat. It also comes in Strawberry, my next flavor of choice!

Minty goodness! Give it a try!

Kraft Fresh Take

On a request to make meals fun and different, I gave Kraft Fresh Take Southwest Three Cheese a try.

 When you first open the paper package you will see the seasoned breadcrumbs on one side and the cheese on the other inside a plastic bag. Unfold the plastic bag to see the ingredients in temporary pockets. Once you open the bag, the pockets with open and the ingredients will fall towards the middle. You can even see the pepper flakes!

Make sure you give the breadcrumbs and cheese a shake! We used chicken breast in two different ways. We baked a few whole and then cut a few breasts into small pieces as chicken nuggets.
 You do not have to use oil or an egg mixture. Once you shake the chicken in the bag, place in the baking dish. Sprinkle more of the mixture on top of the chicken breast for a thicker coating. Baked for roughly 30-45mins and it was ready. I let it rest on the counter before slicing. I was surprised that the chicken was juicy! Great job Kraft!

Give this a try for something…

BelVita Review

Since I love breakfast and breakfast snacks (what I munch on until lunch time), BelVita cracker/cookie caught my attention. I tried the apple cinnamon flavor and was quite surprised that it wasn't as sweet as I thought they would be. BelVita is intended for breakfast, yet the 4 cracker/cookies per pack might not be enough food. However, they are filling without being dry! They go well with fruit and even crumbled on top of yogurt. Yummy! I was surprised that my husband, Mr. Mind, didn't mind grabbing a couple packs for lunch. I will grab another box in a different flavor soon. I might have found a new wheat and fiber snack! Try they out everyone!

Oh My Sweetie!

How sweet are Sweet Potatoes? In a small effort to grow as much as I can in an apartment, I thought I'd give sweet potatoes a try. An organic sweet potato was forgotten in the pantry and began to grow eyes. My initial thought was to cut them off, toss and eat the rest. Well, I didn't toss it. I planted it in a medium sized planter. Over 2 days, a small vine grew up through the soil, and that spurred my happiness. What really sent me over the roof was 5 or 6 vines that broke the ground over the next week. It has been a little over 2 week, now check out my Sweetie:

What is happening under the soil you asked? Sweet potatoes eye's will produce baby potatoes. So I will have anywhere from 4-8 sweet potatoes in November!! That sounds like a great pie! Did you know that the leaves are edible also? Yes! Chop them and add them to your Asian dishes. Stay tuned as I am growing other edibles in my windowsill.
Until Next Time, Maruki 


Popcorn! Dont you just love it? It's mindless foods that goes well with movies, hanging with friends and bonding with loved ones! Add some cheese to it and you have won me over! Welcome to Orville Redenbacher's White Cheddar Popcorn.  I has the pleasure of tasting this wonder treat. If you like warm, slightly salty, and cheesy popcorn, you need to grab this. The cheesy comes in a small package that allows for you to add as much as you would like to eat.
To make it even more sinful, melt a tablespoon of butter and add the cheddar seasoning to it. Pour it over your popcorn, give it a shake and enjoy! Enjoy this at home, in a park or wherever and with whomever you please. It is a great treat!

New Wheels

My Husband and I needed an easier way to get around town. A car would have been the easiest way, yet the most expensive. The bus and train suit us just fine for long trips, but was more a hassle when we needed to go a mile or so. So, we bought bikes. No, we didn't get bulky mountain bikes that would require strength to pedal. Nor did we spring for the athletic bike that can pick up 35 mph speeds. We opted for cruisers, often referred to as "old people bikes". Never mind the name, I have had people yell from their car windows about how cute our bikes are!

Our fancy wheels have taken us all over our neighborhood for the past month and it actual feels great. They have taken us to the grocery store, bank, gym and even to buy clothes. They are faster than the bus, and our slow riding is accessible now that baseball season is here. (The fans fill the buses from front to rear and no one else can get on.) I believe our colorful ride will keep us in shape as we move about this s…