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Working out with your Spouse

Nothing can be more entertaining then working out with your spouse. If your spouse is an athlete, it might not be fun, but if both of you are unfit, it's can be the ride of your life!

Mr. Mind and I took a turn at Zumba this past weekend. For those unfamiliar with Zumba, it is a Latin Dance workout system. It teaches new steps and dance routines while helping you to loose inches and pounds. What makes Zumba so funny? Well, Mr. Mind doesn't have rhythm! He can't clap, snap, sing nor dance on beat. We can keep count but no music or background noises can exist or else he lost count.

During our Zumba practice, the image on the screen moved left while my husband went right. Arms went up while my husbands went down. Oh I cant forget that he doesn't know is hips from his thighs and his knees. The image shook it's hips and Mr. Mind shook his butt like a duck. I had to leave the room because I couldn't stop laughing!

When it was my turn, I struggled a little to keep up,…