What we are Reading- June 2017

Welcome to Summer!

Our weather in the upper mid-west is so bad most of the year that we count summer the moment the clock strikes June 1st. We have been without snow for a while so this summer might be a hot one.

Lately I have been ashamed of myself. I have not finished a book for the past three months. I have gotten bored with the repetitive ideas that are flowing through the books that I have been reading. One thing that I know that I will be doing this June is to working my way through a devotional. It is apart of my 2017 Goals. My goal is work my way through the book of Proverbs with the Life Change Series. I need the wisdom of the this book as I have encountered some new life changes.

Hubby bought a half dozen books last month in attempts to fill his summer reading list. I applaud him as I hardly know what I want to read months ahead of time. Next on his list is to finish Good to Great in God's Eyes. He began this book a while ago and got side tracked by other books. He cracked this open again last week and plans to finish by mid month.

He is also doubling up by reading with In This World. He told me that once the school year ended, he will finish both books by the end of June.

Well that is it folks. We are reading a little slowly as we welcome summer. We have had some rumble in the adoption jungle and so our attention has been drawn away from books. I will share in due time about the adoption news. So subscribe and come on back.


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