The Waiting Room

Every hospital has one. The place where loved ones sit and often stand for hours on end. They wait for news, good and bad. They listen for any clue of what is happening behind closed doors. It's a silent area filled with pacers, toe tappers, and leg shakers. A room filled with coffee and unsatisfactory snacks. Neutral painted walls and uncomfortable chairs provide little to no distraction at all. A loud TV either comforts or angers the waiting ones.

The waiting room does have a time limit. Someone will walk in and deliver a message from beyond the walls. Relief is provide or fear is realized.

No one likes the waiting room.

But what happens when your home is your waiting room?

Your home is where you silently wait for news. It becomes your toe-tapping, leg swaying, pacing place. During the adoption process, you are in the waiting room every day. You will spend months and all to often, years waiting for news. You will wait for good or bad news. Every phone call and email catches your breath. Every distraction does no good to satisfy or comfort you. Fear and anxiety runs rampant in your mind.

My hope for those that are waiting in their homes, is to gather strength. Lean on your family and friends.  Even well-meaning strangers can provide comforting words of wisdom. Be strong as there is an end. There will be news coming your way. I hope that it is good news for you. Work on yourself in the waiting room. Make sure that when the best outcome arrives, that you are in the right frame of mind to handle what is to come.

Become a better person in your waiting room.

We are working hard to be the best parents we can be in our waiting room.


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