Going Vegetarian?

I have been on another transformation lately. Check out my previous changes I made.

But I have been inspired by so many Vegan and Vegetarian Youtubers. I watched one video to get juicing ideas and I got sucked in. I did a little experiment with myself in August. I wanted to make sure that I understood what my body was missing. So I went a whole 7 days without meat. No turkey, pork, chicken, beef or seafood or any kind.

I thought by day three I was crazy. My great grandparents lived pasted 85 years old and they raised their own pigs. But they also raised a ton of veggies. Their lives were probably not as meat heavy as mine. Hence my weight.

By the sixth day, I liked the challenge and contemplated continuing it. I spent the next month eating only beef and chicken, but I eventually went back to pork.

Fast forward to February 2017. Its a new year and horrible things are happening to me. I began to itch after eating pork and dairy. It took like a month to figure it out. I then spent a whole week eating only seafood. My goal was to figure out if the itching would stop. I felt better, but I realized that a week will not do it.  .

I think I should be a vegetarian.

I need to learn how to eat more fruit and veggies. I live in the upper Midwest, for the moment. The food here sucks! Its expensive and the weather causes us to suffer with an extremely short growing season. I grow my own strawberries on my balcony and I can barely get 3 berries all summer! I will also try to grow more veggies like kale and zucchini this summer.  I love potatoes (Hubby is allergic) and rice. Maybe those would bulk up my meals. Maybe these wont cause weight gain after I give up meat. I am freaking out!!! I have to figure something out.

What is a girl to do?

For the moment, I am going to start implementing more fruit and veggies in my day and keeping pork and dairy away from my lips. I have no idea what is next, but we will see.

Are you a vegetarian? Share your journey below.


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