Welcome to the 7th Year

In March Hubby and I celebrated our 6th marriage anniversary. We also celebrated 6 years of infertility and childlessness. Yes, we celebrated! Why? Because those two things made our marriage a strong partnership.

Many couples fade from sharing about their infertility after 3 years. They gripe silently and cry at home, or so we think. The pain and sting of infertility doesn't end just because one round of IVF/IUI became successful. It stays with a person. It lingers in the back of your mind and peeks up every now and again. For certain, you would look back on all the lost years and wonder what life would have been today.

We often thought, "If only one procedure took...I would be in a totally different place."

Hubby and I realized that if we had gotten pregnant during our first year of marriage, we will be sending our first child to 1st grade this fall. We would be similar to all of our friends that we hang out with. We wouldn't be the only couple in our friends and family groups, in our mid 30's, still without children.

Life would be totally different for us, if the first round of clomid took in 2013. We would be celebrating our little one's 3rd birthday this spring. We would be wondering where did all the precious time went while we run at the playground.

We would have plenty of sleepless nights right now if the first donor didn't walk away from us. We would have a 18 month old. And if the second and third donor actually took, we would be crazy with a 1 year old.

"What you put in to Life, you will get back."

One thing hubby and I put into our marriage, is patience. We have waited throughout this whole bumpy infertility road. We are on the road to a child, to building a family. The slow and uncertain road is getting clearer and smoother.

This 7th year of marriage will be met with more and more surprises than we could ever imagine. It wont be long before we get 'The Call' and we rush to meet the birth mom at the hospital. We barely look back wondering where did the time go.

Soon we wont be wasting any more time wondering, but loving and enjoying our child.

So to all the couples out there wondering what they should do next, my charge is to keep going. Keep walking the path towards what you want. Fortunately, infertility isn't just the initial shock after year one and two, but the exuberance of year six, ten, fifteen and thirty.

It's the growth and maturity of  welcoming life ahead. I welcome year 7 and all that it has in store!


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