Part Time Job Ideas

The best tip I can ever offer is to diversify and diversify. Diversification is often referred to investments, but I'm talking about diversifying your income.

Hubby and I thought that it was a crazy idea to take on a second job, but we couldn't figure out a way to save $23,000 for an adoption. We quickly learned that we needed more income so we applied for other jobs for higher pay. We did get promotions and new jobs, but we made the most headway with our empty hours. Our second jobs were not tired to our main careers. Since the new jobs are separate, we are able to enjoy something new, challenging and short term.

There are pros and cons for taking on a second job.

  • More Cash!
  • Try out a new career field before investing too much
  • Practice a new or forgotten skills set
  • Receive much needed discounts


  • More commuting throughout the week
  • Free time is consumed working
  • Taxes can be thrown off without careful calculations

Below are some ideas of how you can earn some extra cash. This will allow for you to pay down debt, travel, create savings and more.


  • Clothing
  • Food (Server, cooker, hostess)

Part time, weekends and even evenings are great hours to dedicate to an office in need. Our office is open until 7pm most days, but the receptionist leaves at 4pm. If someone replaced her in the evenings, that would be 15 extra hours a week of pay for them. I work for a CPA firm during the winter months. I love the 12 weeks of number crunching and quirky fun I have.

  • Secretary/Front Desk receptionist
  • Tax Professional
  • Filing Clerk

This particular category has been taking over for the past 10 years. Websites like Etsy provide the platform for you to promote your skill set and products to earn extra cash. Making money from your hobby is easy because the desire is already there. All you need is an audience. My mother was approached in a fabric store about her sewing skills. She is now a part time sewing teacher at a community center. So dig a little deep into your skill sets and begin making some money.

  • Selling 3rd party products
  • Cutting Hair
  • Lawn care
  • Painting
  • Baker, personal chef
  • Selling Crafts
  • Teaching a craft (piano, sewing, gardening etc.)

Not everyone has a passion for dealing with children, but those that do earn some serious cash. This is where Hubby and I make our extra dough. I work with children via two scouting related programs. One is paid and the other is volunteer. Hubby is child therapist on the side. Parents are always looking for fun and unique activities for their children. This bring extra money for you if you can bring your skills along side.

  • Baby Sitting
  • Teaching a class (musical, foreign language, art, science etc.)
  • Tutor
  • After school/community center teacher

Dedicated /Time Consuming 
These ideas require alot of time and dedication. Often times it requires you to have money to make money. This category is only suggested if you have the time to put into it. I blog. I have been blogging since 2003. It is time consuming, but I keep doing it even though my readership is low. I love displaying and showing my trip through this world. 

  • Rental Property
  • Blogging
  • Selling on Amazon


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