Its Real Yall!

... And you guys thought I was making this stuff up!

Photo published for The Psychology of Infertility

Check out the article published by USA Today 2 weeks ago.

A While ago I wrote a post about the frustrations and stress levels of infertility. It was so shocking for others to learn that about the amount of stress that is associated to infertility. It is such a secret situation. I wanted to make sure that everyone hears me loud in clear.

"This Stuff ain't no Joke! It's Taxing on the Mind!!!"

Infertility stays with you. It runs through you, and it becomes you. Just don't let it define you! Your status throughout life doesnt have to be "Infertile", You make that call.

And for all the fertile people out there. Be careful with your WORDS. Even your best friend will not share the news right away. My best friend since I was 11 years old, didn't know we were infertile for over 6 months! Yes, sometime marital secrets stay within the marriage.


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