Fun Financial News

We have fun news! Drum roll please......

We paid off our car! And we paid it off 18 month early!! We have freed up $330 a month for the next debt in our snowball! It was such a freeing feeling pressing the Pay Now button. We worked so hard to pay off the car and it took us a couple months. We have been working overtime and two jobs for nearly a year. I would have to say that it was anticlimactic when we paid it. I thought perhaps the website would have falling confetti or a happy face, but it just simply said Thank You. It shows how much they care for our money.

 It was very important for us to be debt free and this was the last piece before our massive student loans. I encourage you to take a second look at your car payments. It doesn't matter if you are buying or leasing your vehicles, you must have better plans for that money than to give it to credit company. We certainly have great plans for that money. We are still saving for our final adoption fees.

Do you need a how-to? 

Well we combined our second jobs' pay, overtime and snowball cash into one account. This amount came to over $1100 a month. We stored this amount into an account until we reached $6200. If you haven't picked up a second job yet, give it a try. We make around $360 a month via our second jobs. If overtime is possible at your current job, stay on for more pay. You might be able to lend an extra hand to a different department for more cash. This accounted for an extra $200 a month.

So put in the work now, so you can benefit in the future. Good luck to all those that are working hard to get away from owing anyone for anything. We are definitely happy to add another victory to our belt.


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