Time to Forgive

Can I be honest with you guys? Two years ago on December 3, around 11am, Hubby and I were turned down by our first donor. I am still hurt by this!

A loving family member wanted to help us make a dream come true. He resend his offer, stating that 'if we were meant to have children we would'. I was crushed. He gave his opinion and never looked back. He never called to check up on us. We avoided him and his family; we didnt care to speak to them. We wanted to get as far away as possible from the pain that they caused.

Last month, Hubby was able to express his feelings to that family member. He shouted, pounded his fist and shook his head. His frustration from years past was visibly leaving his body. I on the other hand sat there fuming. I just couldn't forgive that person as easily. They took away so much.

But everything has a time. It is my time to forgive them and forgive myself. I couldn't speak his name or see his face for two years without anger building. It has not been fair to him nor myself to carry that pain. He told my husband last month that he forgot all about it and figured that we moved on. He was glad that we needed closure from him and he offered it. He apologized profusely and I am now accepting it.


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