On The Move- Carriers vs Strollers

Carrier Vs Stroller 
The number of products for a baby is ridiculous! There are more items to soothe, calm and relax a baby than ever before. Technology has certainly played a huge part in the advancement of baby products. All these products can leave a family in total confusion and broke. So like most new parents-to-be, we asked around. 

"What is the difference between a stroller and a carrier in the early years?" 

Crickets! All I heard were crickets because I couldn't get a straight answer. The only consist response was "It depends on how you want to carry the baby." Well considering that I left college more than 15 years ago, I rarely carry anything on my back. I never carried anything on my front side, so the way I "want to carry" cant be based on previous experience. Other than a grocery cart and a suitcase, I dont push large items around either. So, how do I judge what is best when both actions will be new to me on a daily basis? 

So I've come up with a plan. Just like new parents might be practicing how to put a diaper on a stuffed animal or toy, we can practice which baby moving product is good for us. It might seem silly, but it will give us the opportunity to think about the use of our bag, how and where we park and how often we move about.

1. Push around something everywhere. If you are a city family that hops on and off public transit or a suburban family that uses a car everywhere, it is time to practice. Ask to borrow a stroller or even a portable shopping cart and take it everywhere you go in a normal weekend. Hubby and I usually visit the grocery store, Target, book store or Library and Church every weekend. It was mind blowing the number of times we would have to open the trunk to remove the stroller, open the stroller and then the side door to get baby out and then walk into the building. Then we had to put everyone and everything back into the car. Does that fit your lifestyle? 

2. Carriers can be tested by actually borrow one from someone. Try putting it on at home, and place your coat over it before getting in the car, or put it on in the parking lot of the store. Then practice opening the side door, remove the baby, place baby in carrier, and go into the store. Don't forget to reverse all these actions when you return tot he car. Does that fit your lifestyle?

I encourage you to give this a try. The reason that I bring this topic up is because carriers can cost anywhere from $99-$299 and strollers, especially the modern style begin at $200. Since money is being split heavily between adoption costs and future baby items, we are making sure that we are not wasteful.

I wish all the parents-to-be Happy Shopping, you are going to need it!


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