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Hello, This is Brandon, Mr. Mind and I am crashing my wife's blog today.

Want to help us make a difference in the lives of others that are suffering with infertility? Please complete our survey to the left. Every entry allows us to learn what other couples experience. If you aren't suffering from infertility, please forward this on to others.

What are the results used for? 

 As a therapist, I am beginning to see more and more clients that are suffering from depression and grief due to infertility. The pain has driven a wall between couples and prevented progress. The responses will allow for me to be inclusive as I put the final touches on my e-workbook. Details on the e-workbook are to come! So please let me know your thoughts on how Infertility has effected you and your relationship.

I want to thank you and remember Infertility Isn't Inferior


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