Budget Tip for February

The shortest month of the year deserves the biggest tip of the year.

Beware of Saturdays!!

American stores and restaurants work really hard to get your money on Saturdays. You will see Sales, Clearances, Discounts and even crazy Deals. Often times, these items are not great deals and on items that you dont really love.

Businesses spend millions of dollars researching the type of deals, and prices that will make you spend your paycheck. The best items are often not on sale or barely 15% off. Often sales go on throughout the week but not advertised on TV, text messages or in newspapers.

Protect your wallets!

If you have a hard time walking away from deals then I have a couple tips for you.

  • Find a better day to shop. You might think that you are getting the best deal on a Saturday, but the excitement of 20% off opened the door for you to buy one, two or even three times more. 
  • Know what a REAL sale is. Most people don't know that 20% off is not a deal. Stores often sell products 100%-400% over its costs. Say WHHAAAAT!!!! (Yes, in business school they explain the variety of increases per industry.)
  • Don't shop all day. Going from store to store can work up an appetite. People often visit the food court or restaurants, increasing their budget. After eating, you are re-energized allowing for for more shopping hours and spending. 
I hope this helps you to be mindful and successful during Spending Saturdays!


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