What We Are Reading in January 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!
This is a New year to either continue the old or begin something new. One of my goals this year is to read a book every month. I began posting my 'what I read in a month' a few months ago in hopes to get back in practice of intentionally reading one book each month. Out of fear of posting about a book and not finishing it, I only displayed the books I read at the end of the month. But since I am back to reading a book a month, I am proud to announce the books I will read at the beginning of the month. During January 2017 I will indulge in: 

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Maruki's Books-

Bringing Up Bebe
I am hoping to learn about another method of rearing children. I received hands-on training from more than 6 mothers in Japan on how to raise children the Japanese way. Their practices were extremely close and felt comfortable to me. I love their methods of letting children play, work together and even learn to do the good of the group instead of breaking away to satisfy your own wants. I am hoping that through this book, I can merge French style parenting with how I was raised and the Japanese style of parenting. 

If I have time left in January, I will read Quitter by Jon Acuff. I often read books that Hubby loves. He read this book in December and it was inspiring to him. He has always wanted his own private practice and I believe he is well on his way. This book is a great intro to quitting your day job and having the confidence to start something new. Hopefully I can be motivated to grow this blog into a comfortable place that people can come and feel encouraged on the infertility and young family road. 

Hubby's Book-

Hubby has cracked open this book two days ago. It has been on our shelf for nearly a year. He is hoping to learn something new about being a father. He told me that many of the father related books speak to men as though they were blindsided with fatherhood and have no clue about what is ahead. Hopefully this book has a little more to offer.

Maruki's Book in December-

In December I finished Smart Investors Keep it SimpleThis book gives a basic introduction to investing. It dives into the why, the what and the pros and cons. It was a very simple, yet intriguing read for me. I recommend this book to anyone who is new to investing and want to start sooner than later. The writer uses real companies as examples to explain industry types, betas, dividends, etc. throughout the book, but does not provide investing advice. Investment advice is up to you and your investment manager. 

Please let me know what you are reading in January.


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