Welcome! 2017 Your Way

If you look around the internet, you will find millions of posts about how to improve yourself in the new year. It is a breath of fresh air to see so many people analyzing their lives, lifestyles, careers and more. They provide so many tips and ideas of how to get started. They even give wonderful ideas of what to release from your life and add to your world. 

Think about what you would like to happen throughout 2017. These are items that can happen at anytime of the year and in any order. Think about the various people that come and go from your life everyday. What you want to change can often effect them. 

My 2017 Goals: 

The Spiritual 
Read and Journal Through 2 Books of the Bible

The Financial
Payoff 1/4 of my Student Loans

The Self Improvement
Drop 30lbs
Wear a Skirt at least once a week
Stop Biting my Nails

The Intellectual
Read a Book a Month
Mind my words

The Career
Grow this Blog
Sell #2000 Jars of Preserves

The Family
Finally Adopt a Baby
Monthly Date with Hubs
Learn to make GF loaf bread 

I have been coming up with a plan to make sure that I complete these items by the end of 2017.  As for a monthly date night, Hubby and I will chose a night together and reserve that night on Google Calendar. We will also set a reminder the week before so that we can plan the night. 

Biting my nails has been a life long battle it seems. Some months I succeed, others I don't. I just have to keep reminding myself to keep my fingers out of my mouth. As for making bread, I have narrowed the recipes down to a handful and I will try each of them throughout the year. Hopefully we will have a favorite by year end. 

The most significant goals are life changing goals. I have always wanted to lose 30 pounds. I go back and forth and with 10 pounds every year. I justify my weight gain with not getting pregnant so I can wallow in my pain with ice cream. But no more! I now understand that having a child naturally will not be the next step. I have to be active again so that I can keep up with my lovely child. I will return to all the activities that I enjoyed before beginning to have a family. I believe that I will lose the weight that I have gained and have a family by the end of 2017!

So I hope that this is a better method of preparing for the new year. Don't compare your life to those that are not doing what you want to do. Remain proud of what made you who you are and build on that in 2017. Don't stress over all that doesn't allow for change and knock all that is unhealthy in your life, even friendships. 
God speed ahead my friends!


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