The Long Wait of Adoption

All of the home study paperwork is done. Now we wait!

Each and every week someone asks how we are doing and where we are in the process. All we can say is, "We are waiting". Infertility and adoption is all about waiting. You wait each month to see if you are pregnant, you wait each cycle for the next try, and then you wait to figure out the next step. When you are adopting, you are waiting on papers to be approved, waiting for meetings, and then waiting to be matched. There is nothing you can do that will make the time go faster.

Patience is my flaw. My generation and the proceeding ones are not good at waiting. I can wait when I have a time frame but to wait for an unspecified amount of time to receive information that may or may not be an end to the means, is beyond my level of patience. I should provide some wonderful suggestions on how to wait, and how to deal. Isn't that what blogging is all about? People provide tips and tricks to overcome the situation that they are faced. But I'm tapped out. I'm fresh out of ideas on how to make this LONG WAIT shorter.

What I can share is what we are doing. If you are like us, you might have spent countless number of years dedicated to trying to have a family. Every dollar was dedicated to improve your chances and learn the newest technology. So now we are spending weekends doing what we use to do. We are getting back into the habit of enjoying life. Each weekend will be filled with sledding, singing, bowling etc. We can't bike ride because we are sitting around -5F right now. We are also planning our next international trip for 2018, its a secret for now.

We are also preparing for a baby. We have stocked our home with some of the cutest cloth diapers that money can buy. We have gathered great opinions and suggestions from our cloth diapering parents (yes we were cloth babies) and a few of our friends. Want to see our stash?

So my suggestion to you guys is to spend this time doing what you love. Work can get boring and each phone ring can drive you nuts. But pass the time doing what means the most to you. Your future child can't wait to learn these things!


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