What We Read

Welcome to December!
This month I decided to share what Hubby and I read in November. We are reading through a book together at bed time as well as read our own book. I read faster than Hubby so I often finish a whole book or two each month.

Since we are in the midst of the adoption process, we are reading through two adoption related books at the same time. Our goal is to learn more about the transition time that the baby, birth parents and the adoptive parents experience. We want to fully understand the variety of emotions that we might face. We believe that we are equipping ourselves to be supportive to others and each other. Another goal we have for reading these books is to learn about the various types of birth mothers. There are various unjust stereotypes wrapped around why a woman would place her child with another family. We want to understand and be kind towards whichever reason it may be.

Hubby is finishing up this book. He has made tremendous strides to having his own therapy business. He currently counsels youth ages 12-17 and adults. He is hoping that this book will give him the push he needs to quit this day job and own his own therapy clinic.

I began reading this book last week. I have been following Dave Ramsey's debt dissing strategies for 14 months now. We only have our car note left to pay before we attack our student loans. For those that are wondering, we would be paying our car off roughly 20 months earlier. I am interested in learning about Rachel's opinion on living within our means and live simply without comparisons. I have a follow up book in mind, so I'm hoping this dishes out what I am looking for.

So this is what is on our nightstands here in the Maruki house. We hope that you are getting the opportunity to read something exciting during the month of December. Tell me, what you and your family are reading this month.


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